Monday, March 30, 2015

Beachbody on Demand... SAY WHAT?


I've been a little MIA recently from my personal life and the fitness world part of my life.  I've been busy helping my hubs with his dreams.  But I need to get a little plug-in here because this is HUGE!

So how about getting just about every Beachbody program available On Demand? Netflix for your fitness!  (with better options) wink wink.

It's all about the Team Beachbody Club! And it's a crazy affordable option! Dare I say it beats any gym membership? Um YES!!!

What is the Team Beachbody® Club? The Team Beachbody Club is an all-access pass to some of the most powerful success tools in fitness. Including Beachbody® On Demand, which gives you unlimited streaming access to hundreds of worldclass Beachbody workouts, so you can take your fitness anywhere—from your home to the gym, and even on vacation. You can choose workouts by fitness level, type of exercise, or celebrity trainer, then stream them right on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device—wherever you have an Internet connection.

Club members are also entitled to personalized meal plans, an exclusive 10% discount on Team Beachbody purchases, live monthly chats with your favorite celebrity trainers, fun interactive Message Boards, and unique content geared toward helping you reach your goals. See the “Features and Benefits” section for a complete list of Club benefits.

Why does Team Beachbody Club help people get better results? With access to the Beachbody Member Library, there’s something for everyone. Whether you want to get ripped with P90X®, get insanely fit with INSANITY®, or lose weight with Brazil Butt Lift®, you can do your workout at any time—anywhere! Now there are no excuses for missing workouts, and with so many choices you’ll never get bored. And with the added bonus of personalized meal plans and access to Beachbody’s top support tools and experts, incredible results are within everyone’s reach.

What makes Team Beachbody Club unique? The Team Beachbody Club is so much more than workouts—it’s a total health and fitness solution. Not only do you get 24/7 streaming access to a huge collection of fitness programs, you’ll also have access to the step-bystep program guides, workout calendars, and nutrition plans that make Beachbody programs the #1 choice for millions of people. New content and workouts are added each month, so you can try out a new trainer or get insider access to the latest hot releases. Simply put, Team Beachbody Club is all the fitness, nutrition, support, and accountability you need to get life-changing results

How does Beachbody On Demand work? As a Premium Team Beachbody Club member, you can instantly stream any workout in the Beachbody Member Library to your laptop, tablet, or mobile device—wherever you have an Internet connection. Plus you get digital versions of the program guides and workout calendars, so you can start seeing results today. The Member Library is updated monthly with fresh workouts and different programs, so you never run out of on-the-go options. All you need is an Internet connection. Simply log in, choose your workout, and Press Play. How do I access Beachbody On Demand? You can access Beachbody On Demand directly through the Team Beachbody homepage ( CLICK HERE to join!

You get all this for $38.87 QUARTERLY!!!  Not monthly, QUARTERLY!  

Buy this months featured challenge pack and try the On Demand FREE for 30

Beachbody On Demand streaming workouts available to all paid Club members (as of March 2015):* • P90X & P90X Deluxe • P90X2® & P90X2 Deluxe • P90X3® & P90X3 Deluxe • P90X ONE on ONE® Volume 1 • INSANITY & INSANITY Deluxe • INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® Volume 1 • TurboFire® & Advanced Workouts • Brazil Butt Lift & Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe • ChaLEAN Extreme® • 10-Minute Trainer® • Hip Hop Abs®
*New content and workouts will be added monthly, so there’s always something new to try, and you’ll never get bored!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Programs to help you in 2015 & The January Specials

I'm sure as we start the new year, many thoughts turn to our goals and aspirations.  If you are looking for some options on what you can do with your health and fitness that you would actually like to stick too. I have come up with a list of programs with my thoughts on them and what they are like and you can get a feel for what may be a good fit for you.  Starting January 10th I will activate a support group for any and all of these programs to help you and I'm also available for some one one one motivation/support.  Start with Nutrition and then look into workouts.  (See January Specials in video scroll to the bottom of this post)

For EVERYONE Let's start with  Nutrition!
Honestly, if you can't wrap your mind around making some changes in your nutrition, no amount of exercise is going to get you to your goals. Nutrition will account for 80% of what you get out of any program/result.  Instead of cheat days, make it a cheat meal but don't go crazy. I'm not saying you have to cut out your favorite treat all together. Some may have too quite cold turkey. But I don't believe in "dieting"....Going on a no-carb, low carb, qluten free, atkins, paleo whatever...  for only a specific amount of time that you hope to loose weight in my opinion and expereince just does not work. It may for a short period of time but not only is it unhealthy in the long run, most gain it all back if not more.  You need to think "Nutritarian". High Nutrients, low calories. You need a variety of primarily fruits vegtables, followed by beans, legumes, then your meats/dairies etc... I don't want to scare you with my specifics nitty gritty of what I do myself just yet... but You need to think nutrition, non processed foods. And this Nutrition diet is no short term thing. It's a lifestyle.  I tell all my clients this is the number one key. Those that struggle to lose weight especially in the mid section is 95% food related.   I also like the term P90X Tony Horton uses "Flexitarian" He eats clean 99% of the time but he'll have a chocolate chip cookie now and then.

Solutions?  Baby steps help for some, and others, you have to straight up just do it.  I know I said no temporary diet....but if helps you mentally to take it 21 days/3 weeks at a time and build from there, I'm all for it. Your building a lifestyle for your self a few weeks at a time. Setting short attainable goals that ultimately lead you to your ultimate goals. Especially with one of the latest programs from Beachbody called the 21 Day Fix. That program has been gang busters for people. Great workouts and Easy to manage nutrition.  But now you can get just the nutrition program itself and apply it to any program you have! Whether you are a gym rat, have a trainer, have programs at home to dust off, so new to fitness that nutrition will be your main focus as you ease into activity  or  your just naturally active but need help with nutrition. Here you go! This is AMAZING!
Get with me if you'd like me to help you figure out where you may be going wrong or on tips on customizing a plan for yourself. You can also get a jump start with clean eating by doing the 3 Day Refresh, perfect way to jumpstart your health.  But check out these solutions bellow.

21 Day Fix

Portion Fix (Nutrition help with out the workout program)

Men and women who:
• Want to lose weight.
• Want to learn portion control.
• Have tried and failed at complicated diet plans.
• Aren't nutrition savvy and want an easy, doable way to approach their diet.
• Are new to fitness, dieting, and weight loss.
• Don't like "off-limits" diet plans or deprivation.
• Have used Beachbody fitness programs, but would prefer to combine them with a portion-controlled
nutrition plan that gives you the flexibility to eat the foods you like, rather than one based on
specific meals and recipes.

What are the unique benefits?
• It's a simple system designed to help you get just the right portions by giving you the tools
you need to get it right—and see results fast!
• You can lose weight, gain mass, or maintain your weight—with one nutrition program.
• Portion-control containers and Shakeology® shaker cup take all the guesswork out of eating
the right portions.
• The containers easily fit into your lifestyle—you can take them to work, school, vacation,
or anywhere on-the-go.
• Shows you how to incorporate treats and wine—the right way—so you don't deprive yourself

and STILL get the best results possible. 

Workouts!  Exercise is a big part of what your body needs and everyone is different.  Talk to me personally and I can make personal recommendations that would help you individually to meet your needs and goals. Cardio is not enough, you can run all you want, I have friends that run all the time but don't look very fit in the mid section because of diet, and lack of resistance/strength training.  Here are some suggestions of programs I've done.     PiYO... (Beginners to Advanced) My favorite of 2014!   Don't skip this just because you don't like Yoga or Pilates, because chances are you may like this program if you don't. And if you do like Yoga and Piliates, you'll probably LOVE this.  While it's inspired by two amazing and very important exercises that work on flexiblity and strength. This program keeps you moving and going, so your not holding those excrucicating yoga poses, but you get same benefits.  This program is low to no impact and for me "shaped" my body like no other...hence the benefits that come from Yoga and Pilates movements. We know how amazing Yoga/Pilates people look right? PiYO is it! Workouts range from 20 minutes to the longest is 45 minutes...but most of them are at the 30 minute mark. Short but intense....Intense but "do-able"  Check it out: PiYO

P90 Beginners to Intermediate  NEW 2014 So I will say I have not done this program, but only because I've done all the other P90X series I don't think it's necessary for me.  Don't confuse P90 with the X series. Tony Horton-Trainer has taken the eXtreme out and made these workouts 30 minutes and perfect for those new to fitness, recovering from injuries, perfect for any age.  This is like having a personal trainer with out the cost and being in public. You get your strenght training, with bands or weights, cardio, yoga and pilates.   Truly an answer to many prayers for people needing to start somewhere. Check it out. P90

  P90X3 Would be your more intense version of P90, still 30 minutes, still gives you all the variety but steps it up.  Beginners could still do this with modifications, but I reccomend intermediate to advanced for this program.  90 Day program P90X3

  Focus T25 another newer popular program is a fun cardio based program, but includes resistance training with weights great for all levels of fitness. No excuses with only 25 minutes. It's fun and challenging, 60 day program. Focus T25

Insanity Max 30 NEW December 2014 Ok this is for those who are crazy ;-) I'm in week 3 now and absoulutely love this program! It's hard, and challenging and gets your heart pumping! Similar to Insanity but with new moves some similar but given a challenging twist and the workouts are only 30 minutes!   If you need to get your heart pumping and in shape, this is it right here.  And for those who maybe not ready for the intensity, there is a modifier split screen option that makes your workouts intense with out the jumps and high impact, so you can still get Maxed out!  Insanity Max 30

These are just a few of the programs in the Beachbody library, ask me for more information and if your ready to jump in to make 2015 your healthiest year yet!

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