Friday, September 5, 2014

FIT-TEMBER..... Schools back in, back on schedule, What to do withFitness?

I'm dedicating this month as "FIT-TEMBER"   We are into finishing the first week of September and by  now things are getting back into a routine, at least that is my goal and I'm sure it's what your trying to do too. 

Sometimes this means we are only busier this time of year with kids sports, football season, corporate events/training, work picking up again. Seems like January all over again when people try to get that momentum going. For some you actually may have a little more time to squeeze in a workout or some "me" time, actually get the house cleaned while kids are at at school.  No matter what your world is like right now, we all have in the back of our minds that we need to put some work into our health and fitness. 

So what is "Fit-Tember" all about?  Well if your reading this, it's my challenge to you from me to do something about you health and fitness and commit to a plan of action. Not just a goal, but plan how your going to achieve it and put it to action... It's GO time! No more sitting on the bench thinking of all your excuses. You know you need to do something and don't be a wimp and take the easy route either.  Don't think you have the time? Lets talk...I know I can find something that would work for you in a short amount of time. 

In the last year Beachbody has come out with some pretty amazing new home fitness programs... the hardest part is going to push play everyday and just do it.  Think you can handle that?  The programs do the rest, you don't have to think about what to do, follow along, keep good form and dig deep and see what happens.  Its never easy to start anything really... Even if your one of those people who say you just can't do it at home or do it alone.. you have to go to the gym bla, bla, bla... How is that working for you? Are you in a routine of it?  Even getting the gym the first couple weeks is hard to get into but you make yourself do it just like you would at home, but guess what.... you can save time and money and get a better effective workout. HMMM??? Test me, I promise... this is coming from a former gym rat. 

Need an accountability partner? I can help you with that too. 

Now about the programs.....check out the side bar here for some direct links. But see below the videos of some of these great programs and tell me which one interests you and I can help you get started. Joing my "Finish 2014" Challenge group Starting Monday September 22nd. 

PiYo, P90X3, Focus T25, 21 Day Fix  and soon P90 (The On-Switch to Fitness)   Best thing I love about our programs is they all come with a Nutrition Guide to help you get started!Check out the video links below to all the recent new programs!

The 21 Day FIX! This is an incredible program that has been the biggest seller of the Year! Focus on nutrition along with a great program you can take beyond the 21 days! Great for all fitness levels.
September Special with 21 DAY FIX

My New Favorite program is PiYo, this program is totally sculpting my body like nothing else as I'm also running and doing some Les Mills Pump...PiYo is "shaping" my body! I would say this a must have in your workout library! 
PiYO Video

P90X3  Want to go extreme but in half the time?  P90X3 is the best of P90X -P90X2 with new moves and all in 30 minutes.  This program is the ultimate program to give you all the variety you need from resistance training, yoga, martial arts, cardio... it has it all and gives you an hour workout in a 30 minute time. SwaEEET.
P90X3 video

Focus T25  Yes, 25 minutes...not ready for Insanity, want to burn calories, maybe need a modify some moves? Follow the modifier...workout like a beginner or an athlete, it's up to you how hard you push. But I'm not going to lie, it's a challenge and you will feel good after these workouts! It's all about focus, just focus on 25 minutes!
Focus T25

P90 Coming Soon!  Not ready for the X in P90X?  P90 is the answer... this is not to be confused with Power 90. P90 is all new, 30 minutes. The On-Switch to fitness: Tony on P90 Coming Soon
Let me know if you are interested in this program and I'll put you on my contact list!

Shakeology... Why I drink this stuff and think you should try it too....

Shakeology.... Why I drink this stuff? My personal top 3 reasons. 

 Well let’s keep it simple, otherwise this could take hours. If you want all the scientific data, you can go to my Shakeology page here. You can also Google it and get un-biased opinions.
 So I’ve been drinking Shakeology for about 5 years. That is a LONG time! So I know firsthand that it works great and with long term use!   I first tried it out when it was still “newer” and was able to be in a test group for it.  Since then the formula has improved but after a couple days I noticed a difference and started to love the taste and never looked back.

 #1. Nutritional Density, I thought at first it would be a short term thing to help me lose weight, give me that boost I needed. But the more I learned about nutrition and what Shakeology offers, studied it hard, I was convinced.  It was especially hard then and sometimes hard now to still get the nutrients I need on a daily basis. I personally love the Vegan, oat & plant protein based. I love that it is all natural and chemical free, gluten free, soy free, the vegan is dairy free. No artificial anything. All just pure goodness. I get essential vitamins, minerals, pro-biotics, pre-biotics and all 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies plus super foods… (Just read the label you’ll see). I love that it’s not your run of the mill protein shake. It’s an actual “Meal”.  I follow a "High Nutrient per calorie" diet and this fits the bill. It really made the difference for me transitioning from the Traditional American Diet to a healthy "clean" one.

#2 My number two reason is “It’s EASY”.  I’m so busy, and always running around with my head cut off. There are many times kids are getting in the car while I blend my shake up as we head out the door.  Time is money ;-) I take it everywhere I go, vacations and all. It’s a part of my daily life.

 #3.  UMMM I LOVE IT!  Plain and simple! I love the taste! I love how it makes me feel. I have energy, I feel satiated, I don’t have to take any other vitamins or supplements (for me personally).  I rarely get sick, so it’s helped me with my total health. When I don’t feel well it’s great to have and helps me get back up faster. (It’s nice to have when you don’t want to eat anything else but need the nutrition).  I try to eat right 95% of the time, but there are those crazy days that if I know I at least I had my Shakeology, I’m doing good.   (I love the Vegan Chocolate) So yes, I get chocolate EVERYDAY!

There are usually only 1 or 2 objections people have. Cost and Taste.
Some people immediately love the taste and with the variety of flavors, there is probably one you’d love.  Some it takes a few days then they are use to it and then love it like I did. And then there are some who just can‘t stand any sort of health smoothie no matter what it is.  Lucky for you there is a 30 day bottom of the bag guarantee so if you’re not satisfied, you can trade it in or get your money back. No loss. Plus once you realize all the fruits, veggies,grasses  etc in Shakeology, it tates pretty darn good! Plus if you tried it in the past, give it a try again as the formula has changed a bit having a smoother taste.

 Then there is the cost. This gets people and when I hear about their personal shopping/grocery/eating out habits I just shake my head.  At $4 a serving, that’s a pretty sweet deal for the nutrition you’re getting that you are most likely not getting even close to on any regular basis.  The trips to Starbucks drive thru any place. I could go on.  Point is if you want better nutrition, whether it’s from Shakeology or your kitchen, you’re going to have to invest in it or pay for it later in medical bills.   At least once a day it makes things easier on me and I get the best stuff for my body at the same time.  So it’s worth it to me.  This isn't just some other weightloss product or fitness shake... If you do your homework Shakeology is in a league of it's own. It's about getting that "nutrition" that your body craves!

 Try it for yourself, do it for the 30 days and see what you think and let me know!  Ask me about my referral program and get $$back! Videos, facts and more information here: