Friday, December 12, 2014

Insanity MAX 30 Are you ready for this?

Insanity Max 30 is Now Available, I just got started! This is CRAZY! But I LOVE IT!

Follow me on my crazy journey, maybe you'll want to join me?

More INFO:
Q. What does it mean to MAX OUT?
You need to give 100% effort to get 100% results. So Shaun created his MAX OUT training to make you push yourself
harder than ever. Your goal is to work as hard as you can for as long as you can, and when you just can’t go another
second or you lose form, you MAX OUT.
You keep track of your MAX OUT time for each workout, and the next time you do that workout you try to go longer and
beat your previous MAX OUT time. When you keep pushing the boundaries, you keep getting better and better results!
That’s why INSANITY MAX:30 can deliver such amazing results in only 30 minutes a day.

Q. At what fitness level must your customers be to do INSANITY MAX:30?
INSANITY MAX:30 is a challenging program, but the great thing is that you work to your own personal MAX—whatever
your fitness level. You can even follow the modifier and still get a killer workout if you're less fit or have gotten out of
shape. So whether you’re graduating from another program, or want to ramp up your fitness, most people can get a
total-body transformation—like shredded abs, crazy glutes, outrageous legs, and ridiculous arms—doing INSANITY
MAX:30. Of course you should consult your physician, assess your fitness level, and follow all the safety instructions
before beginning to be safe and stay injury free.

Q. What’s included?

• 12 workouts on 10 DVDs designed to shatter your limits. Shaun T’s killer cardio and Tabata-style strength
routines include over 150 new moves and sequences that will get you lean, strong, and insanely fit in just 30
minutes a day.

• Nutrition to the Max Guide uses simple portion control to make losing weight and getting shredded faster and
easier than ever. No guessing, no calorie counting, and no worrying.

• Max Out Guide gives you the secret to great results with INSANITY MAX:30 and shows you how to track your
MAX OUT time so you can achieve MAX results in just 60 days. A must-read!

• Max Out Wall Calendar shows you which workout to do each day and how to keep pushing your MAX OUT times
for maximum results.

• No Time to Cook Guide is probably our favorite tool! We’ve covered absolutely everything about eating on the
go, whether you’re at a hot, new restaurant, standing in the frozen food aisle, or eating fast food on the run.
We’ll show you the best items to choose so you can always stay on track.

• 2 FREE bonus workouts:

• Pulse. Shaun’s version of a recovery workout. It’s a low-impact combo of stretching and small “pulsing”
movements that’ll make you feel the burn.

• Ab Attack:10. OK, so it feels like a 10-minute attack on your abs, but you’ll love the rock-hard results

Thursday, December 11, 2014

United in the Little Green Glass and Special thoughts of Grandma andGrandpa too

I need to start including more of my faith and family part of this blog and with yesterday being my grandma's birthday, what a perfect time to write about her and my grandpa. I was hoping to do this before her birthday, but this is the first time I've sat down and had a moment in a while.

Lets start with "United in the Little Green Glass"  A tribute to my grandparents love for their grandchildren and dedicated to my Siblings and Cousins: Brian, Cory, Marci, Candace, Libby, Josh, JonScott & Kate (Karolynne).

This little green glass pictured here is a vintage Anchor Hocking Avocado Green Tulip Juice glass. And I know all about it because it took me a long time to first figure out what it was then find and collect enough to give to those who were impacted by it. Did you know there are amber, blue, and regular green colored ones too? And it was hard to find these small juice ones, but they still sell the tumblers you can find on Etsy and Ebay.

Growing up at grandmas house, this little glass, is a memory we all have at grandmas house using. And some how I was the honored grandchild to receive this glass. Maybe because I expressed my love for it the most while my grandparents were probably unaware of anyone elses' feelings about it. So it was gifted to me years ago when they moved, long ago enough that the younger siblings don't remember it.   So once I knew that I wasn't the only one with this attachment to this glass and what it represents, I set out on a journey to find more to give each sibling and cousin the same glass. And I wrote a little note to go with it that didn't quite make it in the shipment  and in time to be distributed.  I'm not a writer, so forgive me (Libby) wink wink.

To: Brian, Cory, Marci, Candace, Libby, Josh, JonScott & Kate

      How blessed we are to have such loving grandparents! How blessed we are to have so many wonderful memories being at grandpa and grandmas house and to have our own special moments with them as well as when we all have been together.
      We are all grown up now and have gone our separate ways, yet still have the love of our grandparents and the memories we share. From the measuring cups and funnels as bath toys, Grandma using Baby Magic lotion on us, sleeping in the brown or blue bedrooms, electric blankets, sprinkling sugar in our cereal from the yellow Tupperware sugar container, stealing a stick of yellow or Cinnamon gum from the upper cupboard or one of grandpas Pecan Sandie's, family BBQs, holiday traditions and of course drinking from the beloved Little Green Glass. Each time you look at or use this glass, we can remember these memories we share and how much our grandparents care.
      I love you dear siblings and cousins of mine! Merry Christmas!  Love Amy

You may also share my feelings here as I think of Grandma from when she had her stroke.

Earlier this year my Grams had a stroke, it scared us all. Immediately the memories came flooding in and I tried to write them down in my journal as I was on a plane to go see her in the hospital.  My intention was to send these to you Grams in a letter, but as we can see it hasn't happened yet.  So I don't mind sharing publicly these things and my feelings.   This is from my journal just as they came to my mind.

My Grandma, Peggy Jean Theobald Crook:

I am so grateful to have been blessed with amazing grandparents involved in my life and who have blessed my life!  My Grandma Peggy IS an amazing woman and grandmother!

Sleep Overs:
Sleeping over and grandmas house was not uncommon, in fact, it was common more than not. My brothers Brian and Cory and I stayed there frequently. Even more frequently for just me. We'd love to take baths and use grandmas measuring cups, teaspoons and funnels as bath toys. After our bath my grandma would rub Baby Magic lotion all over us and had special t-shirts we could sleep in.  She would sing songs and tell us silly stories. The beds were always fresh, clean and warm. We got to choose the brown or blue room. I liked the blue room the best because I loved the double bed.  In the mornings we got to choose from yummy cereals we didn't get to have at home. My favorite was Apple Jacks.  Grandma's house has always smelled good. Grandma likes to play with us, snarfle our necks and ears and if she was behind us going up the stairs shed pinch our  Grandma was/is always interested and involved.  It was extra fun when all the grand kids slept over! My love for a toasted PB&J with BBQ chips inside was something I loved to have and grandmas house!

Doors Always Open:
Grandma's house is a home for everyone in the family, the door was always open, you don't have to knock.  Any time day or night we are welcome in their home, it was our home too. Even as I got older the mall was by their house so if I was dropped off at the mall I could just walk to their house.  Even when they weren't home we were welcome to be there. A safe Haven.

Purple Shoes:
One of my earliest memories is my grams introduced my love for shoes. I was 5-6 years old when she took me to VF Factory Outlet in Draper Utah that was newly built.  She bought me a pair of cute purple ballet flats.  I loved trying on her shoes especially her red 2" heals. I was sad the day my feet became bigger than hers.

Trips with G&G:
I'm so lucky to have been the oldest grandchild. While they took each individual grandchild on trips with them. I think I got the most out of that. Special one on one time.  A few times to Reno to visit family and a special trip to Florida when they lived there temporarily for work.  I remember my grandma giving me my first swim lesson (I was 8), we went to Bush Gardens and saw the first Batman movie at Universal Studios Florida. The airboat ride through the everglades was fun.  My Grams made me a scrap book of our trip and they came home with me so my grandpa could baptize me.   A fun trip to Reno turned my hair green while spending hours in Aunt Karen's and Uncle Bill's hot tub. Road trips were always fun. My grandma always played games with me.

Easter & Christmas: Every year my grandparents would host Easter at their home up until 2013. After church we'd go over there with the whole family, cousins and all and have an Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ. My sister Marci is now taking the reigns 2014 being the first year.
December, every year around my grandmas birthday (December 10th).   We we would all go downtown Salt Lake City to have Pizza and the BEST! Garlic Bread at Litza's Pizza. Then we'd walk across the street to a home decorating store called "Modern Display" and look at all the decorations for the holidays and watch the toy trains. Then we'd caravan over to Temple Square to see the lights surrounding the LDS temple, see the Christus. and then walk by  the decorated ZCMI (department store) candy decorated windows like you'd see in New York.  Grandma would always wear ear muffs and would have extra gloves and ear muffs for us if we were extra cold.   This is my most treasured family tradition that I miss most years being out of state.

Christmas Eve was always at my grandparents house.  Ham dinner and grandpa reading the Christmas Story from Luke. They would give each of us a new ornament. My favorite and earliest memory of a special ornament is a White Lace teddy bear. I fondly remember each year I hang it on my tree. I can still visualize that day with the sun coming in the living room windows and opening the little white box.
At dinner I remember drinking from an amber colored glass.  On Christmas Day my grandparents would come to our house and see what we got for Christmas. For the first few years of my life up until 5 I believe. We had gift exchanges at my grandmas house. I loved getting my yellow Popple that year.
We alternated years for Thanksgiving but Grandma always made the holidays nice.
 As I got older we'd have two Thanksgivings. One on Thanksgiving and a Friday Thanksgiving and visit families from both sides of the family.
Even now I traditionally celebrate on Christmas Eve with any family and neighbors with no plans to come have a ham dinner, read the Christmas story and visit at my house.

My grandma was a teacher, but still found time to volunteer in my classroom K-2nd grade. And after that still attended any performance's and Grandparents day where they could come and have lunch with us.  I was always excited to see them.  When I attended year around school, I would get to go be a special helper in my grandmas classroom. She taught 2nd grade for many years. In 6th grade I got to help her grade papers.  She always helped me with reports I had to do as she has traveled all over the world. Anything going on in my life, my grandparents have been there for me. Even now they drive a long way about once a year sometime twice just to see me and spend time with me and be there for my children.

One of my favorite memories is when I was young, 6 maybe and my grandma had 2 really neat real fabric kites. She came to our house and would fly kites with us. And now every year  at least once a year, usually Easter, I fly kites with my kids.

Sunday Visits:
Every Sunday at least 90% of Sundays after church we would go visit each set of grandparents. And at least once a month have dinner or BBQ with the whole family, aunts, uncles, cousins.  My siblings would play but when I was 9/10 years old I liked to  be with all the adults sitting around the table visiting. After dinner they would play UNO or Pictionary.  I would try to join in. I loved being apart of the grown ups. (Oldest child and grandchild syndrome).   I loved  sitting on the front porch in the warmer months with the whole family out visiting and playing in the yard until dark.
If we were at church with grandma, we'd sit really close and play tic-tac-toe, dot to dot...or that dots game where you have to complete squares and put your initial in them. That was a good way to keep us behaving during Sacrament meeting aka communion.

That completes my journal entry...plane must have landed.   I realize more and more how blessed I am to have had such loving grandparents who have been like second parents to me really. Always being a Constant in my life, I know I can depend on them. I miss them soooo much and it's so hard to be away from them, especially this time of year.  I love that whenever I visit, I'm welcomed with loving arms.    Letting me live with you for a few months with cheep rent while I was in between my apartment and moving to San Diego. THANK YOU!

 I love you Grams and Papa Bear!   I love that you still check in on me regularly because you know I'm crazy busy. I get a kick out getting texts messages from you. I'm grateful that you love each of us and find away to make a point to reach out to us and spend time with us individually as well as together. I'm grateful that you cared through all the ups and downs. Happy Birthday!

My grandma also happens to be a brilliant woman! Extremely smart, great teacher, a great example, humble, spiritual, forgiving, selfless, courageous, brave.  Both my grandparents even after retirement never stop working especially in service of others and their faith. Years of missionary service doing the Lord's work.  Truly great examples of enduring love!