Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October Fall Fitness Specials-40% to 50% off Save $45 to $70

Ahhhh I'm falling behind. That's what happens when you go on vacation! And while I was away some added fall specials came about and I can't not tell you about them since they are sweet programs! I don't like to be "salesy" is that a word? But It's my job to also inform right?

Les Mills Pump & Les Mills Combat have been added to the Specials for October that include the new P90 program and The Beachbody Ultimate Reset!

So Lets Start with P90, the On-Switch to Fitness...  This is the Non-Extreme version of the P90X series. See info on this program from my blog and links here.  Best Savings are with the Challenge Pack Promotion HERE

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a 21 Day program to an all new you! They say it takes 3 weeks to break a habit and 3 weeks to establish new ones.  This is the program that nailed my nutrion into stone and I was able to make those final changes in my nutrition that made ALL the difference. After all it's 80% nutrition. 20%fitness. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve!  Check out this video! HERE
And More information on My Beachbody Ultimate Website. Don't be afraid to try something new. It's only 3 weeks and if you take what you learn beyond the Reset, you will get those results you've been struggling to get. I do this program about once a year just for a quick tune up and adjustment especially if I've been falling off track.  But over all it changed me for life! One of the best things I've ever done with my health, if not "THE" best thing I've done!  Challenge Pack HERE   This would be a great way to start the New Year to kick off a new you with new healthy habits! A RESET!

OK OK.... The fun is in Les Mills Combat! I LOVE this program and the Music.  Get your muscles pumped, sculpted and toned with this martial arts program! And crazy deals this month, it's so worth adding to your fitness library!  Great for the bootie! Save $45 on the Challenge Package that includes Shakeology and or 40% on the program alone!   Challenge Pack HERE

Les Mills PUMP! Is a great workout to add to any fitness regimin as it is only a few days a week of intense pump training. Are you familar with the Body Pump class at the gym? This is it brought to you in the privacy of your own home!  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tony's New Program P90 with out the X (extreme)


If there was ever a time your excuses for fitness to be eliminated, the time has come.
Check out the all new P90 program for those new to fitness and or those not quite ready for the "X" of the P90X series.   And even better for excuse eliminating.... These workouts are only 30 minutes!
Click for:

What is P90®?
Extreme programs like P90X® aren’t for everyone. So welcome to the
all-new P90—your gateway to getting fit regardless of your age or
fitness level! Legendary trainer Tony Horton has now created shorter
workouts that are simple, doable, and less extreme than his others, but
still just as effective. So whether you haven’t worked out in a decade, or
you’re just looking to maintain what you’ve got, P90 opens the door for
you to see dramatic, visible results in just 90 days—without the pain!

Why is P90 effective?
P90 works because of a game-changing technique called Sectional
Progression. Tony eases you into a variety of cardio, strength, and
stability moves that work the back, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps,
and legs—and every move helps strengthen and flatten the abs. These
routines don’t get harder until you’re ready for the next challenge. Then,
just when you’ve mastered those moves, he ups the ante a little more.
These 10 new P90 workouts are arranged in 3 Progressive Phases. Each
new phase of P90 is designed to gradually ease your body past its old
limits. So after 30 days of P90, you’re leaner and more solid; after 60 days,
you’re seeing muscles you’ve never noticed before; and by Day 90 you can
finally have that lean, strong body you could once only dream about.

10 workouts
on 4 DVDs

• Each of P90’s 3 progressive phases are designed to
gradually ease your body past its old limits. So after
30 days of P90, you’re leaner and more solid; after
60 days, you’re seeing muscles you’ve never noticed
before, and by Day 90 you can finally have that lean,
strong body you could once only dream about.
Base Kit

Simple Kitchen
Nutrition Guide
• No complicated shopping lists. No calorie counting.
Just everything you’ll need to put together 90 days
of healthy meals you’ll love to eat.
4-Step Power Plan
• Do these four things on Day One, and you’ll dramatically
increase your chances of success. Think of them as
Tony’s Golden Rules for getting AMAZING results.
“How to Hit It” Tutorial
• Get ready for a private introduction to P90 with Tony
himself—including insider workout tips he usually
only shares with his celebrity clients!

Free Gifts 
1 Pro-Grade
Resistance Band*
• Forget buying weights! You won’t believe all
the ways Tony sculpts your body by adding
this easy-to-carry tool to your moves. Looks
simple . . . but it’s pure workout power!
6-Day Shred
• Want REAL results in a hurry? You won’t have to wait
long with this FREE Bonus Gift. See why we call it the
Fastest Body Transformation Ever Created!
90-Day Workout
• The secret behind P90 isn’t just the workouts—it’s
doing them in the right order. Cross off every day as
you get closer to the body you really want.
24/7 Online Support
• Imagine having a whole team of fitness experts
available through your phone or tablet. Hit them
up for answers or fitness tips . . . even join in on
Tony’s live chats!

Includes everything in the Base Kit, plus Speed Sculpt Workout, Speed Sweat
Workout, Speed Abs Workout, Horton’s Greatest Hits Workout, 2 B-LINES
Resistance Bands (20 lb.+30 lb.), and a yoga mat Deluxe Kit Link

Base Kit Plus Shakeology and Save $$ with  Challenge Package

Let's not forget that you get me as youro personal coach to help you through it and keep you motivated! 

Call, Text or Message me for more information!